Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dating online gets personal.... finally!

Ok gals. So how many of you have thought about online dating and maybe even signed up but have always been a little weary of the profile pictures and descriptions being posted by men? Well now you don't have to worry anymore because videoBIO has come to . And, you can't fake a video!

Check out the deets at or visit the videoBIO site for more information on how it works and to see real samples. You can finally trust that what you see is what you get. Hey, I would insist on it!

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ever worked for a woman? How'd it work for you?

Posted by Kelly May

I've always said I would never work for a woman...ever! I have been quite adamant in this assertion for a very long time. Why is it that high powered women and women in positions of authority tend to treat women that work for them differently? What a silly notion that propping someone else up could be at one’s expense.

As women, we are born nurturers. For the most part we have this instinct to take care of and help others but when it comes to the world of business, it seems we abandon this natural instinct and leave other women behind.

Every female I know in the corporate world has a similar story of a crazy female boss who took credit for their work or sabotaged them somehow. As if combating the "good ole boys club" and glass ceiling weren’t enough!

Imagine a business landscape filled with more women; women who empower other women, women who harness all that makes us great as women. We should be fostering an environment where we enable women to excel and not hinder their progress. Hey gals, let's pull up our boot straps (or should I say Manolo Blahnik ankle straps) and share our successes.

By the way, I caved and I work for a woman now. I proudly work for a woman who thinks outside of the box and empowers fellow women to rise to the top. She motivates and mentors! She is an enabler...the good kind.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Social CRM and Women

So,we officially have a new term! "Social CRM" which refers to how we (businesses) integrate customers into the conversation. Paul Greenberg wrote a great blog post on Social CRM on ZDNet that talks about how we address and include consumers in the 'retail' strategy.

So taking this theory one step further, let's contemplate how it is that women amplify the social factor in their shopping and purchasing behaviour? If you buy the fact that the consumer holds significant power and can hurt or help your cause and that you need to incorporate the consumer into your strategy as it relates to product development, marketing and sales, then what specifically do you want to focus on with women?

Paul talks about loyalty vs. ambassadors and I agree. Where it used to be that we looked for loyalty and longtime customer value, we need to be thinking in terms of ambassadors and looking at customer referral value (CRV). Women are 10X the referral source than men. We all know this. So, as businesses, how can we incent and encourage women authentically to represent and refer? And, how can we AVOID creating any customer relations damage (or missed opportunities to connect) that could unearth irrepairable damage?

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another female politician opts out

Posted by Cathy Nave

Halleluiah! Sarah Palin has finally resigned! Maybe I should be saddened that a woman is leaving politics no matter the caliber because we have so few women in politics as it is. But I have to say that I’m so glad she is leaving office. It appears that she did a fine job as Governor of Alaska, but I don’t believe she is the right kind of woman to represent women across America. Represent being the key word. Because when you buy into Sarah you were also buying into the possibility that she could one day have run for the highest office. Whether Republican, Democratic or otherwise, Sarah, with all of her down home reliability (for some), just didn’t have what it takes to represent women at large. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, has what it takes.

From the start, when John McCain introduced us to Sarah Palin during the US Presidential race, as the Republican, Vice President Candidate, we were curious but skeptical of Sarah Palin’s capabilities and John McCain’s judgment. In the end the public lost confidence and elected Barak Obama and Joe Binden into office.

But what was it about Sarah Palin that we didn’t like? She was in the media all the time. Overexposure too early? The way she didn’t handle the Katie Couric interview? She tried to extrapolate on her Alaskan Governor and soccer mom popularity and identify with women across America. But ultimately the charm didn’t scale. Probably because we want and need a lot more than charm from our female leaders.

We know that women in politics are regular women but somehow we, the public, hold them to higher standards. We want to see them be better, stronger and rise above everyday challenges and difficulties. We want them to show us the way to the idyllic life, not live among us and try to identify with us. We need to idealize them and to demonstrate to us that we can strive for more and achieve it. We want someone to show us what’s beyond our everyday existence and encourage us to be the best that we can be.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Musings from a contemplative mom

Mothers and Daughters– The Age Old Dilemma

by Cathy Nave

Am I the only one out there who has a twisted relationship with her mother? Who can go right back to that 8 year old girl place in a matter of seconds when visiting mom with the kids for a Sunday night dinner.

I guess part of this ongoing relationship re-definition and deliberation is coming to the realization that I may never have the wishful relationship with my mother that some gals appear to have. Take Sally Fields as mother on t.v. show Brothers and Sisters, for example. Now, that is another version of twisted but at least the relationships are for the most part… adult.

Maybe it’s because we come from an Italian family. The role of the mother in an Italian family is different. Mothers are the head of the household. The revered and respected. The dominant force as long as they live.

I understand my responsibility as her child is not to speak or have an opinion, or be a friend, but do my duty, help her when she needs it. Check on her. Bring her grandkids to see her. Take her guilt and move along my merry way.

I can’t spend too much time with my Mother. I have been trying to change her for years now but that isn’t going to happen. I know it intellectually. Must move through this and create my own version of mothering.

Fortunately for our generation we have more information available to us, we are open to more, or so I’d like to think. Thanks Oprah! In the end, the only thing I have control over is my own behavior and I choose not to be like my Mother. I am sure my kids will thank me one day!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not invented here

Desperately seeking originality in a commoditized world? When seeking out that terrific gift for your best friend you want to find something that is new, different, original, artistic, meaningful, special. Where do you go? What do you buy?

Great ideas and originality are hard to come by. In the online world where short form communication and voyeurism are common place we are losing the meaning in thoughtful exchanges, creations, ideas. Your idea becomes my idea.
Oh, did I steal that? Can't remember.

Blogs are out, twitter is in. When and where do we express a full thought and put things in context? Self expression and original ideas are worth fighting for, protecting, honouring ..... not replicating or simplifying.

And, if you are looking to use your inventer brain check out a cool place to channel your creative idea energy. You may even get paid for your greatness! Companies are finally getting smart about open innovation. Ideas come from everywhere!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Naomi Wolf takes on Michelle Obama

In Naomi's book review article which ran today in the Washington Post she looks at Bad Girls Go Everywhere, The Life of Helen Gurley Brown, by Jennifer Scanlon. She points out the Michele Obama's recent rise to fashionista role model and demure sex object all at the same time as an example of where we are in feminism today. Her question and my question is have we finally come to a place where women do not have to conform or be relegated into a box that they cannot break out of, or else? Can we be sexy, feminime, smart, influencial leaders all at the same time. Are we there? Michelle Obama, America's Sweetheart or Diva?

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Friday, April 10, 2009

The quintessential mom: Kelly Ripa or Michelle Obama?

What are our quintessential mom role models today? We know what it used to be with images of June Cleaver who had command over the kitchen and the household. But, what does the modern day June Cleaver look like?

When Electrolux launched its most recent campaign with spokesperson, Kelly Ripa, running around the kitchen looking glamourous while seamlessly juggling the hosting of an adult dinner party and a kids sleepover-- while of course thanking Electrolux for making it simple (and fashionable!)... we have to question the creative minds behind this strategy and who they were trying to attract as their target audience. How many of us actually aspire to this and what message is it sending for those of us that are never going to be quite that organized, glamorous or in control?

The closest I can come to the modern day mom who embodies style, grace, strength, intelligence, compassion, authenticity and warmth is Michelle Obama. Heck, she is out-rating her Presidential husband! But, a realistic everyday role model she is not. A shout out to Electrolux... I wonder if Michelle is available?

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog or vlog?

Are we ready for video online? How is video adding to the social networking experience for women? As the world catches up to the concept of blogging we are now experimenting with new forms of social and professional networking with micro-updates at and video-blogging.

Video adds a further level of personalization and context to the Internet experience but are we ready for it as a communication tool? For women, video adds a more visual experience to the communication mix which gives us a sense of familiarity and safety when connecting with others online. Adding video to your blog can be very effective depending on your objectives but here are some basic 101's to keep in mind;

-know what you want to communicate and why
-keep it short
-edit wherever possible to ensure a well-articulated point of view
-be honest and authentic in your delivery
-make it web-streamed, avoid downloads if you want it to be seen

We have been studying online video for three years with our campaign and learning about the magic formula for delivery online. Consumers will watch it if their 'equipment' allows and if you make it easily watchable.

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