Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Social CRM and Women

So,we officially have a new term! "Social CRM" which refers to how we (businesses) integrate customers into the conversation. Paul Greenberg wrote a great blog post on Social CRM on ZDNet that talks about how we address and include consumers in the 'retail' strategy.

So taking this theory one step further, let's contemplate how it is that women amplify the social factor in their shopping and purchasing behaviour? If you buy the fact that the consumer holds significant power and can hurt or help your cause and that you need to incorporate the consumer into your strategy as it relates to product development, marketing and sales, then what specifically do you want to focus on with women?

Paul talks about loyalty vs. ambassadors and I agree. Where it used to be that we looked for loyalty and longtime customer value, we need to be thinking in terms of ambassadors and looking at customer referral value (CRV). Women are 10X the referral source than men. We all know this. So, as businesses, how can we incent and encourage women authentically to represent and refer? And, how can we AVOID creating any customer relations damage (or missed opportunities to connect) that could unearth irrepairable damage?

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