Monday, August 31, 2009

Ever worked for a woman? How'd it work for you?

Posted by Kelly May

I've always said I would never work for a woman...ever! I have been quite adamant in this assertion for a very long time. Why is it that high powered women and women in positions of authority tend to treat women that work for them differently? What a silly notion that propping someone else up could be at one’s expense.

As women, we are born nurturers. For the most part we have this instinct to take care of and help others but when it comes to the world of business, it seems we abandon this natural instinct and leave other women behind.

Every female I know in the corporate world has a similar story of a crazy female boss who took credit for their work or sabotaged them somehow. As if combating the "good ole boys club" and glass ceiling weren’t enough!

Imagine a business landscape filled with more women; women who empower other women, women who harness all that makes us great as women. We should be fostering an environment where we enable women to excel and not hinder their progress. Hey gals, let's pull up our boot straps (or should I say Manolo Blahnik ankle straps) and share our successes.

By the way, I caved and I work for a woman now. I proudly work for a woman who thinks outside of the box and empowers fellow women to rise to the top. She motivates and mentors! She is an enabler...the good kind.

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