Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog or vlog?

Are we ready for video online? How is video adding to the social networking experience for women? As the world catches up to the concept of blogging we are now experimenting with new forms of social and professional networking with micro-updates at and video-blogging.

Video adds a further level of personalization and context to the Internet experience but are we ready for it as a communication tool? For women, video adds a more visual experience to the communication mix which gives us a sense of familiarity and safety when connecting with others online. Adding video to your blog can be very effective depending on your objectives but here are some basic 101's to keep in mind;

-know what you want to communicate and why
-keep it short
-edit wherever possible to ensure a well-articulated point of view
-be honest and authentic in your delivery
-make it web-streamed, avoid downloads if you want it to be seen

We have been studying online video for three years with our campaign and learning about the magic formula for delivery online. Consumers will watch it if their 'equipment' allows and if you make it easily watchable.

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