Thursday, November 27, 2008

Waking Up Hannah Appealing to online Ladies

As we are transitioning into winter and the evenings are becoming cold and gloomy I find myself watching a lot more t.v.. In between the celebrity dance-offs and police dramas, are commercials for an online show called “Waking up Hannah”. So I was curious and went onto the website to see what the hype was all about. It is a show sponsored by Dove, (really these days, what isn’t sponsored by Dove) and it is a ‘choose your own adventure’ romantic comedy geared to the 20 something’s where we get to decide what happens to Hannah next. It’s a cool concept. It builds on the reality t.v. show audience participation overlayed with the gritty dramatic acting of 90210, cleaned up ever so nicely by refreshing Dove.

This show is intriguing because it’s a brand that now is associated with real women on an emotional side. Women become brand ambassadors because they think the brand represents something more than just keeping clean. It’s about being part of community, of understanding, of belonging. What is great about this is that they aren’t hiding the fact that it is from Dove. They are very open with their sponsorship which to me, allows for the transparency of the brand and creates an even stronger loyalty. Waking up Hannah is essentially a big long commercial. But its interesting, so we watch.

This isn’t Unilever’s first stab at this targeted approach. They debuted “In the Motherhood” another online tv show, which is a Suave haircare initiative, designed to capture the attention of moms. Clearly this consumer giant is seeing that women are online, and they are spending their time and money there. It is a great space to create content, promote products, be entertained and interact all at the same time.

Megan Greysmith in "Waking Up Hannah" Dove Trailer from Megan Greysmith on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A different view from a Motrin mom...

Ok gals. So, for all of you Motrin moms out there who have had a negative reaction to the recent Motrin ad I say-- stop taking yourselves so seriously! You have to be able to laugh at this-- albeit poorly executed. I can understand if you take it at face value with provocative statements like 'official mom' and the poor transition from 'wearing your baby' to 'but what about us moms?' but the message could have been funny if it had been expressed differently. The whole mom universe and all of the over commercialization of the mom brand and mom experience has taken over. I mean really, I wore both of my collicy kids for 10 months and it nearly broke my back! So, yes, a little Motrin would have helped.

Here's the outcry response:

Now, for the marketing part. This ad was poorly executed. The tone was wrong and the tongue and cheek humor just did not come across. If you are trying to do this well you really need the mom community behind you and from what we can see, Motrin's agency did not test this throroughly enough with moms. I do want to say congrats for doing something different though, and it is not always necessary to please all audiences all of the times and clearly it is paying off from a visibility standpoint right now. Take it from an 'official mom'. I saw through it for the funny. Next time, call us if you want to connect with your consumer community before launching a new campaign.

This will take you to the commercial:

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