Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not invented here

Desperately seeking originality in a commoditized world? When seeking out that terrific gift for your best friend you want to find something that is new, different, original, artistic, meaningful, special. Where do you go? What do you buy?

Great ideas and originality are hard to come by. In the online world where short form communication and voyeurism are common place we are losing the meaning in thoughtful exchanges, creations, ideas. Your idea becomes my idea.
Oh, did I steal that? Can't remember.

Blogs are out, twitter is in. When and where do we express a full thought and put things in context? Self expression and original ideas are worth fighting for, protecting, honouring ..... not replicating or simplifying.

And, if you are looking to use your inventer brain check out a cool place to channel your creative idea energy. You may even get paid for your greatness! Companies are finally getting smart about open innovation. Ideas come from everywhere!

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